Customers run, hide from gunshots inside Crabtree Valley Mall ::


— Shoppers scattered when several gunshots were fired inside the Crabtree Valley Mall on Glenwood Avenue on Thursday night.

The shooting occurred before 9 p.m. on the first floor near an exit, according to officials. No one was shot.

Police said they believe the two people involved in the shooting know each other but have not taken anyone into custody.

Multiple police cars and ambulances responded to the scene after reports of the shooting.

After the shooting, the mall was evacuated and closed for the night.

The event terrified people inside the mall, many who were Christmas shopping at the time.

A Bath and Body Works shopper shared video with WRAL showing the chaotic moments. She said customers rushed into the back room to hide.

WRAL viewers in the mall said, when they heard the shots, they ran to hide. Some people hid in store closets to stay safe.

Police are currently reviewing video footage to piece together what exactly happened.

Amanda Johnson, who was at the food court at the time, said a woman came up to her while she was eating and told her shots were fired inside the mall.

Johnson said she was leaving with a friend when officers pulled up and ran inside the mall.

“My first thought was — my kids at home, we were trying to do last minute Christmas shopping,” she said.

Another woman said she was eating at Kanki at the time.

“I left everything, I left my bags there, because I had done Christmas shopping,” she said. “I left my car.”

Crabtree Valley Mall’s social media pages show no indication that the mall will be closed Friday.


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